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Blue Tech has developed its software even more. This Youtube video from another company shows the exact functions of the new capabilities of our asset management software and what it can contribute for your company.

In extremely regulated industries in today’s modern world, managing your assets is of dire importance. Your company simply cannot function optimally without a good way to track your assets, and to connect the dots within your system. For years, Blue Tech has provided a solution to design barcodes and quickly monitor assets, and increase their visibility. This in turn, reduces the total cost expended by the company. What once took countless hours to do has now been reduced to mere seconds. Simply tag the asset with the device that will be provided, and it will track your assets. Information will then be sent automatically to respective government agencies and TRPs.

Tracking your equipment will not be a struggle anymore now that you have Blue Tech’s asset management software and tools.

You know that manual unconnected systems of tracking your assets can do more harm than good. You have to focus on other priorities for your company. Not to mention that there is so much room for error when you are doing things manually. Especially when it comes to asset management.

We now offer a cloud-based enterprise asset tracking system with barcodes and RFID just like the Youtube video shown above. Blue Tech makes sure to give you all the best when it comes to tracking your valuable assets.

You can now manage your items from all over the globe.

Functions of Our Asset Management Software

There are many benefits in getting an asset management software. So much more than you think. You may think that manual asset management would save you a lot of money, but in the long run, you can’t be more wrong. Investing on a system to digitalize your assets can surely benefit your company in the long run.

So, what exactly are the functions of an asset management software?

According to the video below, there are many benefits. First is that it gives your company visibility and control over IT inventory on your network.

Next it can manage the life cycle of your hardware and software assets, because it tracks the date of procurement of the asset, and you can also input its expiration.

It can also optimize procurement and budgeting forecasting. Because your assets are in a proper inventory, you can have the data to make informed decisions in your company.

Additionally, it can increase accountability to ensure auditing and compliance standards of your company.

The best thing about the software is that it comes with a tool that makes bar codes for your assets, so you can easily track them. This puts them in an inventory for proper maintenance and record keeping.

Record keeping would be so much easier with this tool.


It does this not only on your hardware assets, but also your software assets. In the interface of the program, you can see the hostname, model, serial number, logged-in user, operating system, hard drive, memory, and installed software from BOT-TO company services.From printers, cellphones, computers, even screen compartments, you can put all your assets in a handy-dandy inventory.

New Feature: Mobile Asset Management

A new feature developed by our company is similar to the video shown above. It’s the best thing you can do for your company in terms of efficiently managing your assets–Mobile Barcode Scanning. With this feature you can effectively locate all your equipment in the company. Printers, books, laptops, etc. You will know how many they are, how many are borrowed.

Blue Tech has expanded our service and asset management solution by going mobile. The application provides barcode scanning, recording, and audit capabilities.

It comes in a bar code add on which will aid in the organization of the different departments of the company. Example, your company can see the assets over time. You can see the data over time and depreciation. You can then better forecast events in the future. The best and good site for you to try to visit is this one that I know. Click this article source to see all beautiful plus size dress for bridesmaids. Many brides already choose this bridal for their wedding dresses and for bridesmaids dresses.

You can have a better understanding where your assets are, and who last used a particular asset.

It will also swiftly update report items that are in need of repair or replacement giving you a more responsive system, and a faster system of resolving problems.

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The How To Of Asset Management

Do you know how many computers you have in your company? How about the software installed in those computers? How about when those software licenses will expire? Well, you don’t have to worry about those information now that there are tons of asset management software available in the market. One such is software is featured in the video below. Many of the features of that software can be seen in our software.

It’s hard to go from machine to machine checking what the software installed there are. It’s even harder to compile those information in a notebook, or wherever. It’s good to make things more easy and more automated with the use of a software.

Now, all your hardware, software, and OS will be properly tracked in a program. Here you can remotely collect data on models, manufacturers, and other important data on the software.

It also alerts you of any network or software changes. It also keep track of all the license expiration dates. You can also collect data on your computers like OS type, software inventory, serial number, and so much more.

All these information are delivered into easy-to-read reports. From these reports you can make better decisions on how to handle your assets in the company.

You can even run two reports at the same time. You can have the reports emailed to you, or uploaded to the server. Or exported to the network location of your choice. So, say you have a business and you need all your company’s PCs data to be in one place, this software is for you.

An Overview of Software Asset Management

In today’s digital world, the pressure to keep your company intact is getting bigger and bigger. The pressure to budget your resources, cut costs, and manage employees is an ongoing task.

There are many software available in the market to help ease your troubles. One such is an asset management software. We here at Blue Tech give you just that.However, there are many tools out there in the market that can help make your life easier. It’s not always a hopeless case, there are ways to cope with problems.

Attributing your auditing tasks to an external source might run the risk of failure.

Blue Tech’s asset management automates software license compliance. You can also optimize license spending by knowing who is using what and what time.

License purchases can also be managed proactively through a proper inventory.

Because of its automated alerts, you can be informed when a license is about to expire, and thus update that software. We all know how important software is in a company. We need these tools to properly run our business.

Some of the processes of our software are similar to the video below, which are to (1) add or remove installations to or form a compliance counter, (2) Add or remove licenses to or from a compliance counter, (3) define the scope of the counters, (4) display counters linked by license transfers, (5) process software irregularities, (6) recalculate the rights and the installations for the selected counters view website reference. In fact, most of the information here was inspired from the video below.

Asset Tracking Software Summarized Features

This video perfectly encapsulates the essence of the company’s Asset Management Tool and Software.

Running a business means being surrounded by valuable assets in your building, and keeping track of them is an absolute chore. Assets like computers, handheld units, mobiles, printers, phones, IT equipment, etc. Misplaced assets can really take a toll on your company’s performance. It’s time you stop worrying about tracking your assets. Take control of everything there is to do with your assets with Blue Tech’s Asset Management Tool and Software.

You don’t have to waste time trying to find assets that you know you have. Blue Tech’s Asset Management tool let’s you know the assets you have, where exactly they are, who has them at the moment. It would make such a huge difference, and it would save you a lot of time if you knew where your assets are with just one click? You can make sure that your audits are perfectly accurate. You can go and travel freely having your visa. So here s an agency that will help you out in your visa processing, over here. My mom experience already to process her visa from this company and so fast services they have.

Related image

You can get rid of all that pesky manual processes. You can even make transactions while you’re on the go.

Reviewing upcoming asset maintenance would be such a breeze with our new project and proposal.
The main screen of the software gives you a great way to go from different aspects of the application. It will provide you the list forms, administration, labels, reports, mobility. Under these will be options such as move, check, check in, transfer check out, audit, maintenance entry, and calculate depreciation. tool.

You can keep track of your asset types, employees, customers, departments, funding, manufacturers, sites, etc

A Demonstration of Software Asset Management

This is a lite demo of a software asset management tool that is similar to our product.

You want to go over the software asset management dashboard where you can see an overview of all your assets arranged in graphs.

On the upper left, you can see licenses where you can see a number of people that are using the software, but do not have a matching entitlement record. You actually still have to approve the people who are using your software. This is a good way to see who these people are–through a graph.

There is also a graph showing who are using a software you approved of, but it’s not on their machine. These are software who are not being used. These are software you can potentially bring back for others to use.

There is also a graph showing software licenses. How much you’ve invested on software rights, and what the top software you own right now.

And then a graph showing your capacity showing the number of available licenses you have across all titles. You can see where you are a little bit low in, and where you have a lot of capacity.


A useful feature of the application is where you can see the license compliance, and you can see whether you’re behind or going over the usage rights date. If you have an business, you can easily see which software are complying to that license.

You can also see planned compliance where you can see how many licenses you should buy today, and also how many licenses you should buy when you consider the future. Whenever we use internet, we always think about how to build a good connection with it from your business. So internet advertising is a thing that you must learn. This is very essential today as many people always do searching internet.

How Our Asset Assistance Software Can Help You

Asset management is a continuous cycle of controlling, auditing, and reconciling. With our software, Blue Tech’s asset management software tools can help you with these stages.

The initial stage starts with planning. It is aligning the IT to corporate strategy.

Next is acquiring. It’s all about negotiating agreements to maximize value. It’s about getting the resources you need for the company.

Next would be to deploy. This is the process to ensure standardized, committed Return on Investment.

And the next would be to manage. This is to implement support infrastructure and process to enhance the productivity and satisfaction. Under this would be to utilize an asset management software, for example.

Then finally, to retire. This is to provide orderly disposition of assets. This is how assets are arranged, disposed of, auctioned, donated, and purchased by employees.

With our software, we can make this whole process easier by providing a way to keep track of all the assets your company owns, thus making it easier to manage.

This infographic from the web is the source of that information.


This other infographic also lays out the benefits of using our asset management software. First, we have completeness. This provides visibility into scope of system and software running.Next is about efficiency. This fortifies the security of your company by developing and planning roll-out schedules to minimize disruption to the business. Because of fashion, bridal company create a lot of designs for dresses which help the company to build more confidence to become one of the leading industry in the world. Little White dress by Jasmine is one of the indemand dresses in a bridal company. Whether the ocassion is for wedding or other event, this is usually the choice of many customers.


How To Use The Email Extractor

This is a video tutorial that is similar to the mechanism that our application uses. The video claims that over 10,000 emails can be extracted in just 10 minutes.

First, you choose some keywords. Example: “tea,” “green tea,” and “oolong tea.” Then go over to websites, and choose the websites you want the emails to search through.

Then create a custom filename. Just choose any name, say “test run.”

You can see the emails as they are being extracted. You can streamline your search by types of emails like gmail, aol, or hotmail.

It goes through the emails per keyword.

One factor in the search in the video is quantity. It’s supposed to extract a million in total. But that would be too huge a file.

Image result for email extractor

You can also streamline your search by countries. You can choose where the emails you extract are coming from. Example, in the Philippines you can only extract .ph email extensions. The video is right in saying it’s only logical that .ph extensions are only coming from the Philippines.

You can see from the video how powerful the extractor is. In a matter of minutes, the number of emails is extracted is close to 500,000. Imagine the number of leads you can get with those emails.

Getting an email extractor can do wonders for your business. Especially in getting contacts to buy your product.

Without emails, you cannot build a customer list sometimes. You need a source to get emails, and it would be cumbersome to get manually a visa card for you to go in China. It is only through the help of an application that you can do this view site here Now, with this information maybe you can start with that dream visa registration in China.

The Importance of an Email Extractor

You may think email is out-of-date, but email is more relevant than ever. Businesses are utilizing email as a way to generate sales. With acquiring email, one can build a list of potential buyers.

According to the Youtube video below, E-mail marketing has a return of investment of 4,300%. That’s a staggering amount.

What’s more, 66% of in-house marketers rate e-mail as having an excellent or good return on investment.

The video also says that 91% of consumers see their email inbox at least once a day. If you think about it, this is a great way to at least have the customers see what you’re selling.

The video even says that e-mail is the most popular activity on smartphones among users ages 18-44.

Image result for Email Extractor

The next fact in the video you might relate to a lot. Over half of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.

Here’s a good fact: 66% of U.S. online customers, ages 15+ made a purchase because of an e-mail marketing message.

That’s a good statistic to consider when trying to decide a business with e-mail as a tool to acquire customers. Are you thinking about what to wear in wedding day? Try this evening guest dress with its natural look and design. This dress seems to be formal and high class.

Here’s another one, over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional e-mails.

According to the video, over half of businesses achieve over 10% of total sales through e-mail marketing. That’s a huge chunk considering the other sources of revenue in the businesses.

With this information, we hope you make the decision to invest in an e-mail acquisition software. This will allow you to acquire myriads of e-mails with just a few clicks of a button. Discuss it next time at the meeting table. There are still some girls who wants the old and classy wedding dress. Get this  old fashion wedding dress at its best design. Very good quality and nice value.