1280px-hitman_barcode-svgAsset Assistance Software

Blue Tech offers an Asset Assistance software that manages all your assets effectively and efficiently. It serves as a personal assistant of sorts that takes care of anything and everything about your assets. The software assists in tagging all your company’s assets by creating barcodes. The software is in charge of creating categories, checking in and checking out your assets, and tracking your purchases and maintenance.

Asset Assist aids in making a centralized repository to keep track of all your assets. Just punch in and out your assets by putting barcodes to them, and these are generated by the tool itself. You may also opt to record the details of vendors via this tool.

You are able to configure the tool with only minimum technical skills and the layout is the same as Microsoft Outlook, which makes it easy to use. You may download the trial version of the software wherein you can put 15 assets maximum. If the tool matches your tastes, you can purchase the complete version here through a reliable payment method.


9026700946_900a0e0d05Email Extraction

Our email extraction software builds your email list by targeting email lists using the internet itself. It’s fast and reliable mechanism allows this by specifying key words in the search, and it brings you thousands of email addresses from websites procured by the chosen search engine. The concept uses a targeted email method. It is named so because it harvests emails that are associated with keywords of the search you made. This method is so much better than sending mass mails to people who have absolutely no interest in your business. Our extractor supports major search engines.